1966 mustang 4 speed manual transmission

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Shop with confidence. Home Mustang: 1964 1966: Manual Transmission 4 Speed Internal Parts Manual Transmission Gear, 1964 66 Mustang (Reverse Idler Gear, 3 Speed, 6 Cylinder) Scott Drake C1DR7141A SD Add to my wish list! 4speed toploader identification On the passenger side at the front edge of the maincase there is a small metal tag with a HEH or RUG number.

This is a list of tag numbers that decode the transmission. I would like to convert an 1966 mustang that has an inline 6, with a 3 speed manual transmission, to an 351 Windsor V8 and a 4 speed 1966 mustang 4 speed manual transmission transmission. The Mustang Transmission Because of their age, transmissions in classic Mustangs can be in a huge variety of conditions, depending on how well they've been maintained and used.

Some are in need of many Mustang Transmission parts in order to keep working well, while others desperately need completely replaced. Sep 12, 2007 Hi a friend of mine is looking at buying a 1966 289 V8 Mustang with the 3 speed Someone is telling him these are not very strong transmissions and to avoid the car I'm thinking he's talking about a manual transmission.

If it's an automatic I think you can identify it easily by the pan gasket. Most had C4's. Mustang Small Block Complete T5 Conversion Rated at 450hp Includes transmission If you're changing over from an automatic, you will need the pedal parts here!

Select Counter Balance 50oz Counterbalance 28oz Counter Balance Zero Counterbalance Feb 27, 2012 Re: Auto to manual transmission swap 1966 mustang And if you re planning for the 5 Speed Swap, have a look here: Modern Driveline TREMEC T5 TKO Transmission Conversion 5 speed& 6 speed solutions to swap your Ford Mustang, Falcon, Cobra, Hotrod into Overdrive!