Hirsch velocity 3.5 manual

The Hirsch brand carries an implied reliability factor that is well known in the physical security industry. Isolated circuits, fused components, replaceable parts, and a modular design helps keep Hirsch products installed once and rarely visited again. Hirsch Velocity Software is an integrated platform that manages access control and security operations in thousands of different facilities, from single high secure rooms to multibuilding, multilocation campuses, with the most stringent security compliance.

Nov 15, 2010  SECURITY ACCESS SYSTEM VELOCITY SYSTEM Velocity Hirsch Management Software for Access Control, Graphical Guard Stations, and Photo Badging.

a 3. 5 floppy Hirsch velocity 3.5 manual drive, and CDROM (CDR on the Server recommended). Monitor: The computer shall have a 17 Flat Panel Monitor, XGA color. Mouse: Velocity Web Services Client. 5 Installation Guide and Release Notes A physical access control system with various hardware components controlled by version 3. 6 SP1 of the Hirsch Velocity security management system software 1 Installation Guide HIRSCH Velocity 3. 5 SP1 MAN. This can take 30 seconds or more after a reboot or manual restart.

If the Velocity SCM does not start automatically, from the Windows desktop select Start All Programs Hirsch Electronics Velocity Service Control Manager.

Services should start automatically on reboot. VEL3027 Pelco DVR not Starting with the Velocity 3. 5 SP1 release, you cannot connect to a Pelco DVR. functional on 3. 5 SP1 (or later) Page 15 of 19 Reference ID Summary Description VEL3140 Custom alarms do not play on some machines On some computers running Windows Vista or later, custom alarm sounds are not heard (either in the Customization Velocity Version 3.

6 SP1 Installation Guide iv UL Requirements UL Requirements UL is an independent safety science company that develops safetyrelated standards, and tests products to determine whether UL has verified compatibility of the Hirsch DS47L, DS47LHI, HIRSCH Velocity 3.

5 SP1 MAN. Velocity Version 3. 5 SP1 Installation Guide ii MAN, July 11, 2013 The purpose of this manual is to make your first experience with Velocity 3. 5 SP1 as simple as possible. This manual only covers basic trol System (PACS), and is designed for use with HIRSCH Velocity 3. 5 Security Management System Software; HIRSCH ScramblePad, HIRSCH ScrambleProx, and HIRSCH ScrambleSmartProx and secure keypads. HIRSCH Mx Controllers are made in USA of U. S. and imported parts. Installing Windows Server 2008 R2 on page 10 of the Velocity 3.

5 Installation Guide. If you choose not to enable the Velocity Web Console at that time, you can run the vwcsetup. exe file later to install the Velocity Web HIRSCH Velocity Web Console Guide Whenever you call your local dealer or Hirsch, be sure to have your registration material, serial number and software version Hirsch velocity 3.5 manual available.

For future reference, record these numbers here. Velocity Operators Guide (MAN007). 2. The UL Listed Velocity System is comprised of the following: Central Supervisory Station, Velocity 3. 5 SP2 Release Notes. The Velocity 3. 5 SP2 release includes many bug fixes, several new features, and support for a video integration plugin for the American Dynamics Intellex DVR and VideoEdge NVR.

For more information, see the tables of \Program Files\Hirsch Electronics\Velocity