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The Music Room is the goto source for the very best in new, used and vintage home audio products. Founded on a shoestring budget in 2010 by Joshua and Melissa Jackson, The Music Room is now the largest online retailer of preowned HiFi equipment in The Aaron No. 22 Cineast is a pre amplifier in the solid state amplifier category.

Aaron web site (June 24, 2009): The central control of your High End stereo system and your surround equipment.

Tonal perfection for lovers of stereo sound as well as for fans of multimedia experiences. Our AARON sales representatives will happily inform you of the functions and uses that are ideal for you in stereo, biamping or even multichannel operation. Ideal partners for the No. 22 Cineast High End Preamplifier are the No. 3 Millennium High End Stereo Amplifier or even the AARON No. 33 Cineast Threechannel Amplifier. Aaron No 22 Cineast preamp and No 3 Millennium power amplifier.

Equipment. by Alan Sircom Nov 14, 2014. Products: Aaron Cineast No 22, Aaron Millennium No 3. Theres a trend in audio electronics to focus on the ephemera and miss the basics. The Aaron equipment resoundingly bucks that trend.

These arent packed to the gills with No. 22 Cineast is available in the following finishes: brushed aluminum in night black color No. 3 Millennium or even the AARON threechannel amplifier No. 33 Cineast for the full pleasure of surround sound. Please aaron cineast 22 Aaron No 22 Cineast HighEndVorverstrker aus deutscher Manufaktur in schwarz Find great deals on eBay for Aaron No. 22. Shop with confidence. CARATTERISTICHE.

Inputs: six stereo RCA inputs, two sixchannel RCA inputs. Outputs: sixchannel output. Multichannel functions: output level (can act as balance control for front speakers), provision to turn off subwoofer and rearchannel. Aaron Millennium No 3 Of the two components, I find the Millennium the star of the show, although its a very close run thing.

It came down to running the Cineast and the Townshend Allegri (the most transparent and least obtrusive preamplifier I know of) in quick succession. This is Aarons prepower system, but its a system with a twist.

While the No 3. Millennium power amplifier is a stereo design, the preamp the No 22. Cineast is designed to handle multichannel inputs alongside stereo line sources.

While that would normally have audiophiles reaching for AARON No. 22 Cineast The HighEnd Stereo and Multichannel Preamplifier This preamplifier is the center of your highend stereo system as well as your multichannel equipment.

It guarantees sonic perfection for stereo playback lovers as well as the friends of multimedia experiences. The first component to bear the proud new logo on its front panel was the integrated amplifier No. 1. Aaron is an extremely thorough outfit to focus its expertise on a few choice Today's portfolio includes the No.

22 Cineast stereo multichannel preamplifier, No. 3: Millennium stereo amplifier, No. 33 Cineast 3ch. power amplifier and the No. 1