Porsche tiptronic vs manual transmission

Porsche 997: Tiptronic vs. Manual Transmission Tiptronic vs. Manual Transmission CosmosC4S, Psymon, ecostellodo, wwlee, rbsf123, Kuhan Do you prefer a manual gearbox or a Tiptronic? Find out which one is the fastest and best gearbox. The Battle Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions. we have reached a somewhat unsettling juncture in the great manual vs.

automatic transmission debate. quite simply, the automatic transmission has evolved at a much faster rate. The Porsche tiptronic transmission introduced in 1990 has very little to do with Porsches current PDK What do experienced Porsche owners think about (a) convertible versions of the 911, and (b) automatic (tiptronic) transmission?

Do Tiptronic transmissions lose power, response time, or any other noticeable factor compared to a manual transmission? Aug 20, 2006 Ive read a lot of threads over the last few months that have addressed two issues: 1) Tiptronic vs manual transmission? 2) RWD vs AWD( i. e. C2S vs C4S, turbo vs GT2) For the most part, Porsche purists seem to immediately opt in favor of manual transmissions and RWD.

They are inherently better, mo Porsche 997: Tiptronic vs. Manual Transmission. When buying a car, one thing that could really influence the driving experience is the gearbox.

Is a Porsche 997 best suited for a manual gearbox or a Tiptronic (automatic) gearbox? Porsche's can be expensive to maintain and repair, and they will need proper maintenance and repairs over time. I have a 2002 Boxster S with Tiptronic. Personally I would prefer manual but had to compromise with the wife since she has knee problems and doesn't like a clutch. I'm a fairly experienced autocrosser and track guy, and most Is the world's quickest automatic also quicker than a manual 911 Turbo?

2007 Porsche 911 Turbo Tiptronic. TRANSMISSION: 5speed automatic What's the difference between Tiptronic and automatic transmissions? Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. What are the differences between the Porsche PDK and Tiptronic transmissions? Ask New Question. It's different from a computer controlled manual transmission in that it does allow automatic shifting, uses a torque converter instead of a Mar 01, 2009 These cars do use sequential shift transmissions, but they are manual transmissions, sometimes with automatic clutches.

But that is not the same as a tiptronic (though the new double clutch PDK would be of this type, but more on that in a second). Although tiptronic transmissions allow the driver a certain measure of discrete control, the tiptronic design is implemented using a torque converter like other automatic transmissions.

A true tiptronic transmission is not a computer controlled manual transmission (with a conventional clutch), or semiautomatic transmission. Read a review and see pictures of the Porsche 911 Turbo Tiptronic S at Car and Driver. the Porsche 911 You realize full manual control, but the transmission reverts to the D program eight Porsche 996 Manual vs Tiptronic Transmission prices Porsche is not making any more 996s, so the supply of cars is limited.

A Tiptronictomanual conversion is a hard thing to do (and ultimately not a great idea) so either you find what you like with a manual transmission, or you find it with Tiptronic.