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LaTeX PS PDF (only if dvips and latex have been found) LuaLaTeX PDF (only if lualatex has been found) XeLaTeX PDF (only if xelatex has been found) If one of the above output profiles already exists, the wizard will ask permission to overwrite or to keep the existing one. Manual configuration Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have How to configure WinEdtMikTeXps2pdf to use a new version of Ghostscript when converting pspdf?

Ask Question. up vote 2 down vote favorite. 1. System: Win7, WinEdt 7. 0, MikTeX 2. 9 DVItoPDF converters: dvipdf, dvipdfm, dvipdfmx; DVItoPS converters: dvips is the de facto standard. If most of it is in EPS format, the easiest way is to use latex, followed by dvips and finally ps2pdf. If all of your graphics files are already in PDF format, with some JPEG and PNG images, the more direct route is to run pdflatex. Bu using it here might be overkill and actually more complex than doing it manual.

or with latexdvipsps2pdf if the image is of type EPS. This doesn't work for me. I am using MikTeX 2. 8 and TeXnic Center 2 in Windows 7. The only build profile available to me that builds this without errors is XeLaTeXPDF, and it gives me a warning latex myfile# TeX DVI dvips myfile o myfile. ps# DVI PS ps2pdf myfile. ps myfile. pdf# PS PDF Sadly the PDF output page size may not be completely respectful of your settings.

Some of these tools do not have the same interpretation of the DVI, PS and PDF specifications, and you may end up with a PDF which has not exactly the right If I run pdftex on the TeX file, it rejects the \specials, so I use tex, dvips and ps2pdf.

This sort of works and looks ok in xpdf, but not when I print it out. Fox example, a" pin" is a big black dot with a very thin line sticking out of it (the line basically is an extension of a radius). Nov 07, 2008 (under \dvips\tetex\ in MikTex2.

7), and comment out the line starting D 8000 For the direct Latex pdf, transform your pictures to png format; eps are not printed. Jun 14, 2011  I have read about setting up latexdvipsps2pdf or xelatex. However, I did not understand what I read. I thus set up the autopstpdf when