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AIRCRAFT OWNERS& OPERATORS GUIDE: A320 FAMILY i) Aircraft specifications, page 6 These technical features and a wide range of seat capacities, which satisfy many airlines requirements, make the powered by CFM565A1 engines, rated at 25, 000lbs thrust.

Its combination of CFM International, a 5050 joint company between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE, develops, produces and markets CFM56 engines, which now power some 13, 400 singleaisle commercial jetliners worldwide. Renowned for its unparalleled reliability and low cost of ownership, the CFM56 is the bestselling engine in the history of aviation. CFM provides 24hour support for Aircraft on Ground (AOG) issues, spare parts and spare engine requirements, and technical assistance, while our Technical Training facilities in the U.

S.France, China and India provide comprehensive, handson and digital maintenance training for all engine models. cfm56 technical manual index april 1, 2017 bae general practices manual general practices manual is maintained and distributed by bae systems.

Enter your search term: Home; Commercial. Engines. GE90; GE9X; GEnx; GP7200; CF6; CFM56; LEAP; CF34; CT7; Digital Systems Cfm56 Tech Manuals Tricia Joy Engine Model CFM56 Technical Manual Index Rev. Date Rev. Cycle. Component Maintenance Manuals September 1, 2010 ATA Number PUBL. CFM56 Engine Aviation Engine Services for the CFM56 The CFM56 engine family Cfm56 tech manual did produced in a cooperative 5050 venture between General Electric and Snecma Moteurs, CFM International, and consists of five different models covering a thrust range of 18, 500 to 34, 000 lb.

CFM56 commercial aviation engines can be found on Airbus A320, A longhaul transports and all Boeing 737s. The CFM565B is the engine of choice for the A320 Cfm56 tech manual did, having been selected to power nearly 60 percent of the aircraft ordered. Today, it is the only engine that can power every model of the A320 family with one bill of materials. Technical Manual Index September 1, 2018 Page 11 Following is the GE90 Component Maintenance Manual Section of the Technical Manual Index.

AR in the Next Rev Column indicates As Required An asterisk () behind the Rev No. indicates the manual has been revised since the last issue Cfm56 2 engine manual Free download of cfm56 2 engine manual, read counsel from the user guide, schematic diagram, the technical guide or installation guide. The engines entered service in 2007, and all new CFM565B and CFM567B engines are being built with the Tech Insertion components.

CFMI also offers the components as an upgrade kit for existing engines. For authorized maintenance practices and specifications, consult the pertinent Maintenance Publications. The information (including technical data) contained in this document is the property of CFM International (General Electric Co. & SNECMA). It is disclosed in confidence and the technical data therein is exported under a U. S. Government license.