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ForeignTrade Zones Program Information for CBP Fall 2015. WHAT IS A FOREIGNTRADE ZONE? ForeignTrade Zones (FTZs) are locations in U. S. designated by the FTZ Board where merchandise can be imported prior to formal entry and duty CBP must enter zone APPLICATION FOR FOREIGNTRADE ZONE ADMISSION ANDOR STATUS DESIGNATION, CBP form used to admit merchandise and elect status 216 APPLICATION FOR FOREIGNTRADE ZONE ACTIVITY PERMIT, CBP form used to request permission for an activity to occur A corporation to which the privilege of establishing, operating, and maintaining a ForeignTrade Zone has been granted by the ForeignTrade Zones Board.

The Grantee of ForeignTrade Zone No. 233 is DothanHouston County Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. aluminum article that was admitted Cbp foreign trade zone manual transfer a U. S. foreign trade zone under privileged foreign status prior to 12: 01 a. m. eastern daylight time on March 23, 2018. . will likewise be subject 2 Census Bureau ForeignTrade Zones Guidelines Block D, pg. 14; CBP FTZ Manual, Sec.

9. 7. (h) Foreigntrade zone (FTZ or zone) includes one or more restrictedaccess sites, including subzones, in or adjacent (as defined by Sec.

400. 11(b)(2)) to a CBP port of entry, operated as a public utility (within the meaning of Sec. 400. 42) under the sponsorship of a zone grantee authorized by the Board, with zone operations under the supervision of CBP. 3 Foreign Trade Zones: Guidelines for Submitting Statistical Data U.

S. Census Bureau CBPs NEW FOREIGN TRADE ZONE ONLINE REPORTING PROGRAM The Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Online (e214) application is a new webbased system that replaces filing of FTZ data via the now expired Census Bureaus Automated Foreign Trade Zone Reporting Program (AFTZRP). The purpose of the Foreign Trade Zone Manual is to place in one document, the various laws, regulations, policies and procedures that Customs and Border Protection personnel, grantees, operators and users need to know in the daily operation of Foreign Trade Zones.

The Board also regulates the administration of foreigntrade zones and the rates charged by zone" grantees". CBP must approve activation of the zone before any merchandise is admitted under the ForeignTrade Zones Act. It is the intent of the U. S. foreigntrade zone program to stimulate economic growth and development in the United States.

Foreign Trade Zones. The Foreign Trade Zones program helps level the playing field and improves U. S. competitiveness by reducing the costs of U. S. operations. It helps encourage activity and valueadded at U. S. facilities in competition with foreign alternatives by allowing delayed or reduced duty payments on foreign merchandise, as well as other savings. A foreign trade zone is an area that is physically located within the United States, but is considered outside of the customs territory of the United States.

The US version of the free port, foreign trade zones are designed to increase This page contains the ForeignTrade Zone customs manual Once a foreigntrade zone is approved, the FTZ Board Regulations require that companies wishing to operate in foreigntrade zone secure approval from the Grantee and must submit and obtain approval of a Request for activation from U.

S. Customs and Border Protection (formerly the U. S. Customs Service).