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Buy JMI Telescopes MOTOFOCUS Electric Telescope Focusing Motor featuring For Celestron NexStar 5 SE, 6 SE, & 8 SE, For Celestron C6SGT Made in the USA. Review JMI Telescopes JMI MotoFocus for Celestron C8 is an electric focus motor for precise, vibrationfree focusing without the need to touch the telescope. It is great for visual and photographic use and features variable speed for coarse and fine adjustment.

Our MicroFocus twospeed manual focusing knobs attach to a telescope in the same way as pushon style MOTOFOCUS. They include a simple analog dial indicator for positioning. The JMI Personal Computer Focus Control (PCFC) system controls a DC focuser motor from your PC through a USB port. Telescope Accessories, Focusers, Electric, JMI for Celestron& Meade at Astronomics. 64 rows Jim's Mobile, Inc.

(JMI Telescopes) is a world renowned manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and aftermarket accessories for the amateur and professional astronomer. We manufacture telescopes and accessories such as telescope wheels, carrying cases, guiding computers, focusers, motors and motor controls and much more. Fine tune your view.

Farpoint offers a wide variety of focusers. From manual attachments to motorized, including vibrationfree models, we offer options for every telescope and budget. You can do this with the Starlight Instruments manual Microfocuser knob described above, or by substituting an electric focus motor for the Celestrons manual focus knob. The most basic electric focus motor you can add to the focus knob, is the JMI Motofocus Model MFC8 which is made to fit the U2K and Celestron C8s.

JMI Telescopes Manufacturing Advanced Telescope Products Total Solar Eclipse Coming to the U. S. August 21, Manual) ALSO AVAILABLE LowCost Reverse Crayford Focusers (RCF) EV3cM (Cassegrain Motorized) EV1n (Newtonian Manual) SMART FOCUS Remotely control a JMI focuser or MOTOFOCUS unit using a PC with software either be necessary to use the telescopes manual focus knob for coarse adjustments.

It can control MOTOFOCUS, MOTODEC, EV, NGF and RCF motors. A dualcontrol hand unit is available. It includes a toggle switch to Microsoft Word EV Focuser Instructions. doc Author: Feb 15, 2013  Motofocus thoughts. for my 8se posted in Celestron NexStar: Hi all, Im starting to become rather frustrated with vibrations though my 8se when focusing and I have considered the motofocus as a option to give me some more enjoyment for higher magnification visual and finding that sweet spot for basic AP.

Ive known of the motofocus for quite some time, but as Im getting more NGF S Series Focuser Installation and Operation Congratulations on your purchase of the NGFS, NGFSE or NGFminiS focuser.

This focuser mounts It may be necessary to use the SCT manual focus knob for coarse adjustments. The NGF The drawtube should only be moved in or out by use of the knobs or MOTOFOCUS motor.

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