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The LSIR Manual explains the use of the LSIR and summarizes research studies on its reliability and validity. Overview The Level of Service InventoryRevised (LSIR ) is a quantitative survey of offender attributes and their situations relevant to level of supervision and treatment decisions. LSIR: Level of Service InventoryRevised Introductory training course: 1. Level of Services InventoryRevised McIrwin, Iowa Department of Corrections, LSIR training manual 2000, Jason Anderson, Minnesota Dept of Corrections, LSIR training manual 2012.

2. 3 Introductory LSIR Training Objectives Department of Corrective Services LSIR Training Manual Page 5 Any particular act may have a number of immediate consequences and hence the density of rewards and costs is important.

Level of Service InventoryRevised (LSIR) Profile and Associated Costs Background Information: each user is required to receive a User Manual at minimum. MHS offers Training Kits which include materials used during User Training. LSIR Training Kit (LS(P0B)) includes Scoring Guide, 3 Interview Guides, 3 QuikScore Forms, and Level of Service InventoryRevised (LSIR) The LSIR Manual explains the use of the LSIR and summarizes research Lsi r training manual on its reliability and validity.

The training will cover Theoretical background Riskneedresponsivity Training Description The prediction of recidivism risk and the identification of criminogenic needs are key to evidencebased practice in correctional, legal, and behavioral health settings. The most commonlyused and widelyresearched instrument for riskneeds assessment in adult offenders is the Level of Service InventoryRevised (LSIR).

In discussing the LSIR, one manual, the Department of Corrective Services, LSIR Training Manual, specifically notes the tests limitations and cautions about its use as a forensic tool in the wrong context or in the improper administration.

Get this from a library! LSIR training manual: (Level of Service Inventory Revised). [New South Wales. Department of Corrective Services.