Congo kid lighting desk manual examples

Control boards for music are different in concept. The lighting is generally much more dynamic than for theater, with far more movement and change.

There is also more demand Congo kid lighting desk manual examples immediate manual operation. As a result, concert boards have more manual faders than theater boards. Congo Desk. Hi there, I'm new to the Congo and to big lighting desks.

I work with the congo etc family desk and have been having a few problems. [Insert to add new rows and assign the parameters as documented in your fixture's manual. When done, you can press [Esc to close the tab and store the datachanges. It will now appear in the Small venue, big designs Congo Kid powered by Cobalt software is a smallvenue solution for smaller lighting rigs that include conventionals, LEDs, moving lights and small media servers.

Congo Family v User Manual Manuals A, Congo Kid Setup Guide Manuals B, English (U. S. ), Cobalt Family Application Sheet (UK) Other Downloads A, English (U. S. ) The Philosophy of Entertainment Lighting Control A White Paper Other Downloads A lighting desk controls this channel which can be used to adjust a range of lighting equipment, traditionally the intensity of a stage light via a stage lighting dimmer.

A modern lighting desk controls these channels using different input methods such as faderssliders for intensity, numeric keypad (where you type in a value) and other weird wheels and dials. 20, Cobalt 10, Congo Jr. 3, 000, Congo Kid 5, 000, Until I sometimes require something a little more than just a basic manual desk.

Now our popular lighting control consoles including the Eos, Congo" Hit the lightbulb button ETC Launches Congo Kid Console Congo Kid lighting console. The Congo Kid controller puts the Congo line's software within reach and within budget for smaller venues that use conventionals, LEDs, scrollers, moving lights, and media servers.

The Congo Kid console offers all of the facepanel controls that ETC's Congo jr desk has, with 40 Inhibit master problems I currently have a show that uses three masters set to inhibit mode in order to do a manual 'flash off' effect.

There are two problems: The Congo kid has the power of a top of the range desk but with a much smaller price tag. The console supports up to two external DVI monitors that can be single or multitouch. Congo Kid powered by Cobalt controls 256 or 512 devices (dimmers, LEDs, moving lights or media servers) on two universes of output (1, 024 parameters). Oct 12, 2012  Lowell Olcott continues to expand your Congo vocabulary by demonstrating how to control moving lights with Congo.

12 Controlling Moving Lights with Congo JPC Lighting The third part of the Lighting Desk Basics series, 3 Responses to Moving Light Control Groups Lighting Desk Basics 3. jbaldrid July 17, for example) and then @ Full (which is# on MagicQ PC) This brings the fixtures to full as well as selecting them for recording into a group. Make sure you have a CLEARed programmer to start Oct 12, 2012 This video introduces you to the ETC Congo Family of consoles. ETC Western Region Field Project Coordinator, Lowell Olcott describes the basic features inclu