Gunners mate rate training manual

Gunner's Mate Missile 3& 2 NAVTRA B 1972 Rate Training Manual The following manual was scanned, with great precision, by Phil Hays of the USS Oklahoma City CLG5 and is presented here through his kind permission. Gunner's Mate Missiles 3& 2. The Gunner's Mate qualifications used as a guide in the preparation of this training manual are those contained in the Manual of Qualifications for Advancement in Rating, NavPers C.

Therefore, the qualifications pertaining to your rating are not reproduced in this training manual. www. navybmr. com Gunner's Mate NAVEDTRA NONRESIDENT TRAINING COURSE in the course with the Nonresident Training Course Administration Branch at the Naval Education and contained in this training manual should not be used to replace source publications or prescribed training procedures.

Navy Gunner's Mate Navedtra (Nonresident Training Course) [Naval Education& Training Center on Amazon. com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Table Of Contents 1. Explosives and Pyrotechnics.

The educational roadmap below will assist Sailors in the Gunner's Mate community through the process of constant determining the rate at which a Sailor trades skill training for professional development. Do Sailors have to follow the Roadmap? Yes. The Gunner's Mate roadmap includes the four areas encompassed by the Continuum in The Gunner's Mate (GM) rate has been part of the United States Navy since the late 1700's as the United States Navy was born. From cannons and muskets to sophisticated weapons systems such as missiles and torpedoes, the Gunner's Mate has played an intricate part of the success of the Navy.

NAVEDTRA A, GUNNERS MATE CHAPT 410. STUDY. PLAY. the Mk 75 gun has a variable rate of fire of up to 80 rounds per min with a range of up to 16, 459 meters and a max altitude of how many meters. Mk 41 Mod 0 has a total storage capacity (both forward and aft launchers) of up to how many missiles, including missile training