Manual payroll check request form

Payroll Manual Check Request Form Date: Employee Name (Please Print): Employee ID the reason for the manual check and how and where the check should be sent. The average cost for processing an out of cycle check is 30. 00. Discretion should be used when requesting manual checks so as to reduce payroll costs. The college payroll office completes a manual check request form (PR91) with required approval signatures (must have two (2) authorized signatures i.

e.payroll, HR, PS Form P149, (Rev. 502) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University MANUAL CHECK REQUEST FORM (SALARY, GTA, GRA, GA, P14) EMPLOYEE NAME: Manual Check Request A manual check request form is used to pay an employee who has either missed a payroll due to not submitting their timesheet in c) A completed Manual Check Request submitted with required signatures. Approval for a manual check: I have read the above explanation as to why this payment was not included on the regular payroll and the manual check is warranted.

Manual checks will be available as soon as possible without jeopardizing the timely and accurate pay of other regularly scheduled payrolls. Manual checks cannot be directly deposited.

When requesting a manual payroll check, the appropriate backup documentation must be attached to the Manual Payroll Check Request Form. If the required backup documentation is not attached, the Manual Payroll Check Request Form will be returned to the department without action.

The Manual Check request form must be filled out and proper signatures obtained. Back up documentation (manual timesheet) must be attached to the request as to why this person was not paid on the original payroll run.