Manual metal brakes and shears

Press brakes are vital tools in metalworking and are used to bend sheet and plate metal. This is accomplished by placing the sheet or plate metal between an upper and lower beam that clamp together.

A punch and die come together to bend the metal at predetermined angles. Manual Box and Pan Sheet Metal Brakes This line ranges from a 2foot, 16gauge small metal brake to a mighty 13foot, 22gauge model. Each box brake includes hardened fingers in multiple sizes, so you can make a wide variety of boxes and pans.

This versatile shear, press brake and roll machine lets your cut, form and roll all with one tool! The shear makes straight cuts up to 30 in. wide while the press brake makes bends to 90 degrees in material up to 30 in. wide. Manual shears are sometimes referred to as lever shears and are bench mounted. These sheet metal shears are used for cutting rough shapes out of medium sized pieces of sheet metal.

Some manual sheet metal shears are considered throatless, which means they Shop 13 Manual Bending Brakes products at Northern Tool Equipment KAKA Industrial 3In1760 30Inch Sheet Metal Brake, High Efficiency, 20 Gauges Shear Brake Roll Combination, Versatility, Solid Construction, Sheet Metal Brakes, Shears and Slip Roll Machine The decision to add JET Metalforming equipment to your operation is an indication that you demand precision and accuracy from a reliable machine.

Highquality JET brakes, shears, rolls, English Wheel, Planishing Hammer, presses and notchers provide you with added capabilities to expand your operation and enhance every project. Home Brakes, Shears& Slip Rolls Brakes Here you'll see a wide selection of sheet metal brakes for bending steel, aluminum, or stainless sheet metal and various other flat materials.

Box and pan brakes or finger brakes have removable fingers to allow complex bending not attainable with straight brakes.

Sheet metal table shears can cut a large size and thickness range of material. Often called foot, kick, or stomp shears, the manually operated table shears are the most economical way to accurately cut large pieces of sheet metal.

Powered sheet metal shears can be air, hydraulic, or electromechanical powered. Hydraulic powered shears are available for up to 14 inch thick steel. JET has rolled three functions into one great combo machine. Save valuable space in your shop, and still bend, cut and shape metal any way you see fit with the JET Shear, Brake& Roll Combo Machine. Metal Forming Shears. MANUAL HAND SLITTING SHEARS.

Manual Throatless Sheet Metal Shear. Baileah 20 Ga x 8in Manual Sheet Metal Shear. Manual Foot (Stomp) and Hand Sheet Metal Shears.

National sheet metal machines foot shear. Pneumatic and Electrical Shears, Combination Shear, Brake and Rolls. national sheet metal machines pneumatic shear. Sheet metal equipment includes such machinery as sheet metal press brakes, straighteners and machines for cutting, profile bending and punching.

One of the fundamental forms utilised in metalworking processes, sheetmetal is used in roofing, car