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The M3A scope is an optical instrument that the sniper uses to improve his ability to see his target clearly in most situations. Usually, the M3A scope presents the target at an increased size (as governed by scope magnification), relative to the same target at the same distance without a scope.

Using a Mil Based Scope Easy Transition that is the Leupold M3A, whos reticle is based off the 6400 number dont let that fool you, the number we use is the true number of 6283, just because someone did it another way, or has check your manual or online schematic at the manufacturers website as they could be.

25 mils Scopes Basic Manual Classifications by Gerald Hanks Updated September 26, 2017 The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) compiles a list of fourdigit codes, known as the Scopes Manual, to help businesses sort their workers compensation insurance information.

Since the Scopes Manual is the industry standard for workers compensation class codes, it is important for every underwriter, agent and broker to have a copy. A Scopes Manual can be purchased directly from the NCCI Online Catalog. Scopes Manual An aid to understanding and assigning workers compensation insurance classifications. Gives you instant access to NCCI's vast experience in defining classifications for hundreds of thousands of US businesses.

Offers comprehensive descriptions of class codes, cross references, and state special classifications. b. M3A Scope Mount. The M3A scope mount has a baseplate with four screws; a pair of scope rings with eight ring screws, each with an upper and lower ring half with eight ring screws and two ring mounting bolts with nuts (Figure 220).

The baseplate is mounted to the rifle by screwing the four baseplate screws through the plate and into the top of the receiver. Classification Codes and Statistical Codes for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Page Content The Classification Codes and Statistical Codes Manual is a resource for both statistical and classification code numbers, corresponding phraseology, and state special codes.

The Scopes Manual is the industry standard workers compensation class code book containing numerical classification codes and the classification phraseology for each code used in classifying workers' compensation risks, including state special codes.