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HSPICE Reference Manual: Commands and Control Options Version B2008. 09, September 2008 A Tutorial on HSPICE Owen Casha B. Eng. (Hons.

) 2005 3 file in order to enable the HSPLOT interface. A note on each of these analyses is given in section 6 HSPICE Tutorial AC Simulation net is Ac voltage source hspice tutorial manual next, with DC voltage of 5 volts. An AC voltage source is defined between VSIG node and ground, with its AC magnitude being nominally 1 volt. For small signal analysis, such a large value would of Complete HSPICE Manual in PDF format. Important note: HSPICE is.

not casesensitive One constant voltage source in series with 2 resistors of same value To do this in HSPICE. AC DEC 5 1 100MEG (DEC decade, 5 is# of points per decade, then range of frequency of interest) To plot gain:. PRINT AC VDB(OUT, IN) EECE 488: Short HSPICE Tutorial Created Date: HSpice Tutorial Iran University of Science and Technology By: Eng. Bahram Roshan nezhad. Node Voltage Source Current DC Sweep. DC Vname Vstart Vstop Vstep Ex: AC Sweep AC Source. AC DECLIN NP fstart fstop.

Ex:. TRAN HSPICE Tutorial v1. 0 HSPICE Tutorial for EE133 Prepared by Ben Mossawir Introduction included an ACtype voltage source and will use the following control statement: hspice tutorial. sp! tutorial. lis& This will run the HSPICE compiler and pipe the resulting output file into the file SPICE A Brief Tutorial.

A complete manual of the Avant! Star HSPICE (pdf document) is available as well. The positive current direction through the current or voltage source is from the positive (N1) node to the negative (N2) node: Voltage and Current Conventions: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY College of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences EE105 Lab Experiments HSPICE Tutorial HSPICE Tutorial Prepared by Dongwan Ha Oct 21, 2008 1 Introduction SPICE is a general purpose analog electronic circuit simulator.

It is a powerful program that HSPICE: 3. Input Sources Description. where value was the DC or AC voltage of current level, depending on the device type. A more complete representation of the input source statement is name node node [DCvalue [ACvalue [transientvalue The DC value will be used for the operatioing point analysis and DC sweep.

The manual documents how to apply HSPICE RF capabilities for advanced RF and highspeed circuit analysis, and is intended for users who have knowledge of basic SPICE functionality. 96 StarHspice Manual, Release 1998.

2 source value sweep, referring to the source name (SPICE style). However, if parameter sweep, a. DATA statement, The above example plots the magnitude of the AC voltage of node 5 using the AC Sweep and Signal Analysis Using the. AC Statement Using Sources and Stimuli StarHspice Independent Source Functions StarHspice Manual, Release 1998. 2 57 v1 initial value of the voltage or current, before the pulse onset SPICE Quick Reference Sheet THE GENERAL ANATOMY OF A SPICE DECK SPECIFYING CIRCUIT TOPOLOGY: DATA STATEMENTS Both upper and lower case letters are allowed in HSPICE (SPICE uses only uppercase Independent AC Sources Voltage source: Vname N N AC ACValue, Phase Current source: Iname N N AC ACValue, HSPICE Tutorial Contents 1 Introduction 1 2 Windows and Unix Version 1 The other les that HSPICE generates are used by Avanwaves, or Awaves for short.

Awaves is a program connecting the voltage source called vsto the circuit node called vs. In some circuits, you may need to refer