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The SEL751 Feeder Protection Relay provides a comprehensive combination of protection, faultlocating features, monitoring, control, and communication in an industrial package.

Standard Protection Features. The SEL351 Protection System has builtin Ethernet and IEEE C37. 118 synchrophasors, and is ideal for directional overcurrent applications. Optional Mirrored Bits communications and power quality monitoring add flexibility to solutions. The SEL351 is the protection standard for utility and industrial electrical systems around the world. sel3515, 6, 7 directional overcurrent relay reclosing relay fault locator integration element standard instruction manual schweitzer engineering laboratories, inc.

Protocol Implementation eXtra Information for Testing (PIXIT) for the IEC interface in SEL351, 351S, 351A. TISSUES Implementation Conformance Statement for the IEC interface in SEL351, 351S, 351A. IEC Conformance and Interoperability Statement SEL351A Protection System. SEL551 Relay Instruction Manual Date Code The relay contains devices sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). When working on The SEL351R Recloser Control, derived from SELs premiere distribution relay, the SEL351 Protection System, combines traditional recloser control functions with technologically advanced SEL relaying features, such as phase and ground directional elements, multilevel under and overfrequency trip and control, and highaccuracy Oct 11, 2013 This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. such as the SEL787 and SEL487E, the restraint current is defined as the sum of winding current magnitudes in per unit or Manual rele sel 351 of tap. However, note that even if the SEL487E is set as shown in the slide, it will not perform the same because of the adaptive slope characteristic.

This is shown on the next slide. This section introduces the new SEL751 and compares its features to those of the SEL751A. 3 Directional elements. Use overcurrent elements with directional control and optimize The SEL751 is the latest relay in the SEL feeder protection line.

With AFD, 3 GENERAL DESCRIPTION The SEL251 DISTRIBUTION RELAY protects, controls, and monitors distribution feeders. It offers important new and unique features, like userprogrammable SEL OGIC control equations, negativesequence overcurrent elements, and selectable setting groups.

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