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Aqualab Water Activity Meter Decagon Aqualab Series 4TEV. Decagon's AquaLab Series 4TE water activity meter is ideal for fast and precise measurements of water activity aW or ERH. Aqualab Water Activity Meter Decagon's AquaLab Series 4TE water activity meter is ideal for fast and precise measurements of water activity aW or ERH. Operators Manual Pawkit Handheld water activity meter. Carrying Case Contains Pawkit instrument, 4TEV Water Activity Meter.

Temperature Control (Between 1550 C). Dynamic& Static Moisture Sorption Isotherm generation. Complete moisture analysis with these AquaLab products: Need supplies? Go to Operators Manual For Series 4, 4TE, 4TEV, DUO Version 6 Decagon Devices, Inc. Decagon Devices, Inc 2365 NE Hopkins Court 2. About AquaLab 4 2. About AquaLab AquaLab Series 4TEV which incorporates both a chilled mirror sen AQUALAB 4TE, 4TEV, 4TE DUO, 4TEV DUO BENCHTOP WATER ACTIVITY Installation Qualification Operational Qualification Protocols and Instructions.

for the AQUALAB 4 Users Manual. Information within the Users Manual is required to complete this IQOQ Protocol. If the manual has been misplaced, Benchtop Water Activity Meter Direct measure of water activity accurate to 0. 003. AQUALAB 4TEV 4TEV: 4TE Volatiles Sensor. AQUALAB 4TE Benchtop Water Activity Meter. Support. AQUALAB 4TE Manual PDF 2. 35 MB. SERIES 4 Quickstart Guide PDF 386. 91 KB. Related Articles. Product Detail. Part# : AquaLab 4TEV Dew Point Water Activity Meter, Temperature Control and Volatiles Sensor Units: SELLING Price and Units.

Login for pricing: Are you cleaning, maintaining, and operating your instrument correctly? Customer Support If you ever need assistance with your AquaLab. 4TEV. AquaLab is the quickest. com Please include your name. Documents Similar To AquaLab 4 Water Activity Meter Manual. Skip carousel. carousel previous carousel next. Food Processing Handbook. uploaded by. tranhuyboyqn. Experiment 1Moisture Content& Aw.

This manual includes instructions for setting up, verifying the calibration, preparing samples, taking readings, and maintaining AQUALAB instruments. The AQUALAB 4TEV measures volatiles such as propylene glycol and ethanol. The AQUALAB 4TEV contains both a chilledmirror dew point and a capacitance sensor. The capacitance Part# : DISC AquaLab 4TEV DUO, Water Activity Moisture Content Meter Units: SELLING More Info. Login for pricing. Part# : AquaLab Pre is a fast and accurate instrument for measuring water activity (aw), giving readings in five minutes or less.

Its readings are reliable providing 0. 01 aw accuracy. AquaLab Series 4 Cited Publications. Testes: AquaLab Series 4TE Atividade de gua por Ponto de Orvalho, AquaLab Series 4TEV Atividade de gua por Ponto de Orvalho e Capacitncia; 1.

2008b. Effect of thermal processing and additives on the kinetics of oxytetracycline degradation in pork muscle. J. Agric. Food Chem. 45: 2252 aqualab 4tev In addition to the standard dew point sensor, the Series 4TEV has a hygroscopic polymer capacitance sensor that can be used to measure the water activity of samples containing volatiles.

You can switch between sensors using the Water Activity Meter Operators Manual METER Group, Inc. AquaLab Pre METER Group, Inc. 2365 NE Hopkins Court Pullman WA Phone: Welcome to the AquaLab Pre Water Activity Meter.

AquaLab Pre is a quick, accurate, and reliable instrument for measuring water activity (a AquaLab Water Activity Meter Operators Manual For Series 4TE, 4TEV, DUO Version 4 Decagon Devices, Inc. SUPPORT Have a question or problem? Our support team can help. We manufacture, test, calibrate, and repair every instrument in house. Our scientists