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M872a4 trailer technical manual

technical manual operators, organizational, direct support, and general support maintenance manual (including repair parts and special tools lists) for semitrailer, flatbed: breakbulkcontainer transporter, 34 ton m872 (theurer greenville corp. and southwest truck body co. ) Two retractable supports at the front of the trailer are used when it is not attached to a tractor.

The technical manual TM& P covers M872 to M872A3 variants. For the M872A4 variant, the manual is TM& P. TECHNICAL MANUAL OPERATORS, ORGANIZATIONAL, DIRECT SUPPORT, This manual describes the operation and unit, direct support, and general support maintenance, including combined payload and trailer weight of 37, 500 lb (17, 010 kg) by the 255 rows  TM technical manuals series 9 page 4, Military helicopter manuals, Military aircraft MWO Modification of M872A4 semi trailer 1223volt electrical converter MWO9 TM Technical manual operator and field maintenance manual for semitrailer transporter heavy equipment 70 ton M1000 NSN EIC CXU Military trailers cargo semi utility tank manuals.

M872 Semitrailer. The M872A4 Semitrailer is a dual purpose, break bulkcontainer transporter, 34ton capacity, with a flatbed. Its' mission is line and local haul of break bulk cargo, inter Military Trailer Technical Manuals for M9, M270, M270A1, M747, Integrated Publishing, Inc. Google Find government bids and contracts from over 110, 000 government agencies, including US federal, state, cities, counties, and schools.

Technical Definition Trailer, Flat Bed, also referenced with federal logistics item name code A trailer with a flat load carrying platform without sides or end gate; the platform must be of solid, one level construction suspended above the wheels and must not include a gooseneck or wheel recesses that extend through the bed. it may have beveled edge(s) to facilitate loading. see also tm& p technical manual operators, organizational, direct support, and general support maintenance manual (including repair parts and Army Semi Manuals Administration Advancement Alternative Fuels Automotive Aviation Construction Diving Drafting Electronics Engineering Food and Cooking Individual Equipment Marine Mathematics Medical Meteorology Music Photography Religion Specials& Package Deals