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View and Download Technisonic Industries Limited TFM530 installation and operating instructions manual online. VHFVHF LO FM AIRBORNE TRANSCEIVER. TFM530 Transceiver pdf manual Manual for the Technisonic TFM550 FM Airborne transceiver. Manual no. 99re262 rev a apr 2000The manual has very detailed repair information with lots of schematics or pictures. The same genuine manual your dealer might use to repair these machines. AS9100 Rev DISO 9001: 2015 Certified Quality Management System, Aviation Electronics Distributor, Test Equipment, Installation Supplies, Calibration and Repair.

Detailed avionics part information page for Technisonic TFM550 Transceiver, 3050,MHz with price, availability, stock, inventory, features, specifications, and description.

DAC Internationals catalog of avionics products, systems and test equipment for the aerospace industry. The Technisonic TFM550 is a three band, frequency agile, airborne VHFUHF FM transceiver intended to provide radio communications on every channel currently available in the VHF low band (30 to 50 MHz), VHF high band (138 to 174 MHz) and the UHF band (403 to 512 MHz). TFM550 Installation& Operating Instructions TiL 99RE262 Rev A Issue 9 28 TECHNISONIC INDUSTRIES LIMITED www.

til. ca TFM550 UploadDownload Programming Cable PN Wiring Diagram FIGURE 2. 2 TFM550 Transceiver PC UpDownload Cable wiring diagram NOTE: If your serial port is a 9 pin connector instead of the 25 pin, use a female 9 pin MULTIBAND FM AIRBORNE TRANSCEIVER MODEL TFM550 Installation and Operating Instructions Til Document No. 99RE262 Rev. A and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

Operation of this equipment in a Summary of DO160C Environmental Testing for Technisonic Model TFM550, Low The unit offers a secondary control or slaved control position for the Technisonic TFM550 VHFUHF FM Transceiver. 1. 2 DESCRIPTION The RC550 is a Technisonic tfm 550 manual controlled display and keypad capable of RS232 serial communications with the TFM550.

FCC ID application submitted by Technisonic Industries Limited for Multiband Images, and mare. FCC ID IMATFM550 ( IMA TFM550 ) Multiband FM Airborne Transceiver manufactured by Technisonic Industries Limited operating frequencies, user manual, drivers, wireless reports and more. user manuals, and test results for wireless devices TFM550 Installation& Operating Instructions TiL 99RE262 Rev A Issue 9 iii INFORMATION NOTES This manual is designed to provide information about the TFM550.

Every effort has been made to Summary of DO160C Environmental Testing for Technisonic Model TFM550, Lowband VHF, The Technisonic TFM550 MultiBand airborne VHFUHF FM transceiver utilizes state of the art frequency synthesis techniques to provide FM communications on every currently available channel within the General Radio Service VHFFM Low Band, VHFFM