Jr 9303 airplane manual

View and Download JR XP9303 instruction manual online. 9CHANNEL COMPUTER RADIO SYSTEM FOR AIRPLANE. XP9303 Radio pdf manual download. JR's" Feel the Difference" slogan proves evident on the 9303 in not only the physical comfort and layout of the controls, but also in the precise connection that you get with your model in flight. THE NEW JR9303 COMPUTER RADIO By: Sherman L. Knight Kirkland, Washington There are three versions of the XP 9303.

Helicopter, airplane and sailplane. The switches are in the postage prepaid request form for ordering the other two manuals from JR free of charge. The XP9303 also sports a new and much larger screen. The JRs X9503 2. 4 offers airplane, helicopter and sailplane pilots sophisticated programming that JRs 9303 is famous for with the added benefits of a backlight screen, You will need a 7channel receiver to use the full set up that the 9303 is capable of the plane and crash.

30 percent expo on aileron, and 25 on elevator and rudder is recommended to start with. Set your low rates around 70 to start with, and change to your tastes. manual for the required control surface travels. You may need to use Feb 18, 2018 Discussion JR 9303 manual Radios. Which version of the 9303? The 72mhz XP9303 shipped with 1 of 3 manuals (Airplane, Sailplane, or Helicopter) depending on which version of the transmitter you bought.

In addition, there is a postage prepaid request form in the box for ordering the other two manuals from JR, free of charge.

A good description of how to make this function work can be found in the airplane manual. The sailplane channel assignments with the 9303 have changed from prior radios. These new assignments are for all receivers Instruction manual; JR XP9303 Instruction Manual.

In this manual you will find the specifications for the radio Airplane, Sailplane and Helicopter. Make sure the suggestions for installing your JR equipment: switch operates freely and is able to operate over its full travel.

Page 16: Flap Rate. presented in the three sections of the manual: Airplane, Helicopter and Sailplane. These features are discussed in the same order that they would normally be needed to The center pin on all JR Remote Control Systems is negative. Therefore, the center pin on all JR chargers is negative, not positive.

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