P28 ecu auto to manual conversion

Jan 31, 2017 Here is a Quick Video on how to convert a automatic ECU to a 5 speed ECU. will work on civic and integra ECUs from. How to Convert OBD1 ECU Auto to Manual Obd1 Honda Ecu Mar 13, 2017 P28 single cam vtec auto to manual transmission conversion. P28 single cam vtec auto to manual transmission conversion. Skip navigation How To Chip Honda Obd1 P28 Ecu.

Auto To Manual Ecu Feb 20, 2009 Yes you can convert an automatic P28 ECU to a manual ECU. All you need to do is remove jumpers RP17 and RP18 then jump RP18 with a 0ohm resistor.

edit: sorry for digging up a dead thread but I just wanted to clarify that you can convert this ECU Feb 13, 2005 Could anyone help me convert a P28 manual ECU to automatic.

I read the thread on how to do it but, at the end of the article there is a question mark on two other pieces. Can anyone give me all what I need to perform this conversion. How to convert an automatic ECU to 5 speed specs. First, let's find out if we have an automatic, or a 5 speed ECU. If you don't want to plug it in and throw code 19 (automatic trans lockup solenoid) to find out it is an automatic ECU, then look at the code on the side.

I need to know asap, if I should buy a new P72 ECU (non auto), and reselling the P72 Auto, or whether it will work fine without any automan conversion Dec 29, 2003 Honda Civic Del Sol (1992 2000) How?

Convert p28 auto to manual ECU? Just like the title says I got a p28 auto ecu im using in a manual, works great but throws a code for the auto transaxle solenoid, obvisouly this sint a real problem its only cause im using it on a manual.

Is there a wire to cut or a mod to Jun 25, 2011 i have a 97 del sol si. swapped it from automanual but still have the auto ecu. just wondering if i can convert this to manual? ecu is a P28 OBD II (n Partial engine harness from the 93 D16Z6 and harness parts from a 92 Civic DX auto 4. 95 Civic EX P28 ECU (manual) 5. 92 Civic Si distributor 6.

# 4107 fuel injectors years unknown (will remark more on this later) Build a conversion harness. The female ECU plugs from a 92 Civic DX auto and the male plugs off an OBD0 ECU. In order to get Find great deals on eBay for P28 ECU Manual in Engine Computers. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for P28 ECU Manual in Engine Computers.

has a hack job auto to manual conversion but works as it should. Chipped P28 ecu OBD2 to OBD1 Conversion Harness p30 gsr ITR b18b h22a b20b ctr. 249. 99. Buy This page is here to add VTEC capability to your otherwise nonVTEC ECU. The reason we are able to do this, is because when Honda designed their ECUs, the boards for the P05, P06, P28, etc were basically all identical.

P75 Ecu Auto To Manual Conversion CONVERSION HONDA CIVIC EG CIVIC EX 1. 6L MT ECU# P28 C52 AUTOMATIC AUTO OEM D16Z6 VTEC. Obd1 p75 ecu 94 95 INTEGRA RS LS NON GSR ECU OEM STOCK P75. CRX 4th gen Civic Auto to Manual Conversion link: Innovative Honda Swap. Nov 30, 2003 I did a JDM d15b swap in 96 civic a while back, and ordered a p28 ecu.

They sent me an automatic, which was fustrating because i cant send it back.