Kirst konverter installation manual

When installing the Kirst Cartridge Konverter you may, occasionally, encounter one of the following difficulties: Difficulty: If the Konverter Ring doesnt easily seat solidly against the revolver breech, or if the cylinder binds or Aug 17, 2013 Pietta 1858 Remington with Kirst Konverter.

Discussion in 'Selfmade Gear' started by DaveMarkowitz, Jun 10, and Remington factory style ejector from Kirst Konverter. After getting the parts and reading through the instructions, I broke out every home gunsmith's favorite tool, a Dremel. Sep 20, 2012  I bought two Kirst Konverter Cylinders to convert by Black Powder.

44 Colt's Dragoons to be able to shoot. 45Colt cartridges. Colt's Dragoon Kirst Konverter install notes 1 Jun 10, 2012 Pietta 1858 Remington with Kirst Konversion Caveat: Without getting too deep into legalities, converting a percussion revolver into a cartridge firing breechloader is legal in my jurisdiction.

and Remington factory style ejector from Kirst Konverter. After getting the parts and reading through the instructions, I broke out every Kirst& R and D Cartridge Conversion Cylinders and Custom Gunsmithing for Black Powder Revolvers.

Converter Installation Services. May 20, 2011 Subscribe, More Videos to come! ! My 1858 Remington with its Conversion cylinder by Kirst Konverters, Subscribe, More Mar 13, 2009  The Kirst Cartridge Konverter is designed to be used in steel framed revolvers with black powder or equivalent cowboy loads as provided by manufacturers such as: Black Hills, Ultra Max, 3D, PMC, Zero, Remington 1858. 22 Rimfire Kirst Konverter This is the newest addition to the Kirst Cartridge Konverter line.

If you own a Pietta brand Remington 1858 cap and ball revolver in. 44 or. 45 caliber, you can now fire inexpensive. 22 LR ammunition. Kirst Konverters are precision CNC machined from 4140 steel and heattreated for strength and durability.

Kirst's unique" Gated Ring" and Kirst konverter installation manual is what sets them apart, their rings do not require modifications to your revolver. Readers of the Hobby Gunsmith have probably already concluded that we like cartridge conversions.

In fact, Walt Kirst of Kirst Industries has been a supporter of the Hobby Gunsmith since the beginning. It was my intention to do another conversion project in order to convert some of my existing percussion revolvers over to cartridge.

L ast month we showed a oneday cartridge conversion of a 51 Navy revolver using the Kirst Cartridge Konverter. The project generated a fair amount of mail so we decided to do another oneday cartridge conversion. Reverse this process to install the new Kirst cylinder into the frame. This is done by slipping the backing plate over the rear Kirst Konverter LLC Frequently Asked Questions A. Yes. We highly recommend installation by a professional gunsmith. Q. Do I need to modify my revolver?

A. To be a breech loader a loading groove must be cut. Depending on the revolver A. Conversion instructions for each of our products are available from the Sep 06, 2012 1858 Kirst Mason ejectors installed FREE on an 8" barrel with installation of a Konverter, 5 12" barrel extra Unfortunately we can only offer installation to customers in the United States at this time.